Living Room Refresh With Mitzi

Have you ever just woken up one morning and decided that something in your home needed to change, and it needed to change immediately? That’s how I woke up feeling one morning this summer, and I’ve been obsessively stalking every lighting company online since then trying to find the perfect light to replace the one we had hanging in our living room for the last few years.

Friends, I must say that I found the lighting company of my dreams.

That company is Mitzi of Hudson Valley Lighting, and I recently partnered with them to make this exciting change in our living space! I wanted to switch up the light fixture in here for a while, but I knew I had to wait until I came across a fixture that David and I loved equally. Enter Mitzi, and we had a winner!

We knew we wanted something from their Paige line, and ended up opting for the two tier chandelier – we are beyond thrilled with the choice! I’m in love with the brass detailing, which perfectly provides that antique feel in a modern chandelier, don’t ya think?!





My favorite picks from their Paige Line

This post was made in collaboration with Mitzi. All opinions are my own.

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