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This year I’ve leaned more into building my closet with higher quality pieces that will last for years to come. I was never fully on the fast fashion train, but as I get older, I find myself saving up for nicer pieces, instead of filling my closet with cheap finds that I won’t like in a year’s time.

With that in mind, I put together a gift list I made for myself this year. Almost everything below will be on sale over the next few weeks, so I figured what better time to finally ask for these pieces I’ve been eyeing!

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  1. pink slippers 2. drop earrings 3. cashmere beanie 4. blanket scarf 5. stacked chain necklace 6. plaid sheer socks 7. hoop earrings 8. leather gloves 9. comfy joggers 10. polka dot sweater 11. croc-effect belt 12. croc-effect handbag 

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