Valentine’s 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful V day! Even when I was single, I loved to indulge on chocolate, wine and movies with friends. I’m in the mindset that this day is not all about lovers, and should be about everyone you love! A little self-care is always welcome on this day too.

David and I celebrated our 7th Valentine’s Day together this year (wooooo). He brought home a pretty bouquet of flowers, and we celebrated by making some homemade pot pies, drinking wine, and watching classic movies. To get in the spirit, I put up some Valentine’s Day balloons and shot a few quick snaps. I’m thinking I’ll do something like this from now on! It always helps get me in the holiday mood.

Photo Feb 13, 4 01 40 PM.jpg

Photo Feb 15, 6 42 18 PM.jpg

Photo Feb 15, 6 42 16 PM.jpg

Photo Feb 15, 6 42 17 PM.jpg

Photo Feb 15, 2 18 33 PM.jpg

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