sofa roundup / no. 1

We recently replaced our sofa (expect a post to come soon on that refresh) , and it led to me going down the sofa rabbit hole! Since I spent too much time looking at options online for us, I thought I would pass along a few pretty ones I spotted , as well as share the few we’ve had here in our home.

1. Our old sofa. I cannot tell you how many comments I got on this sofa. The shape! The color! We ultimately decided we needed to find a more comfortable solution, but we’re holding onto it for now, because it’s so hard to let go of.

2. The lines and color of this sofa speak to me. Another goodie from Urban Outfitters Home.

3. I’m thinking we need a mustard couch next time around. Am I crazy for already talking about our next sofa when we just got our new one?! The answer is a resounding, YES.

4. The Sven sofa from Article is an iconic at this point. I absolutely love it in this jewel tone.

5. People always forget to check Amazon for decor needs! The lines on this sofa are SO good.

6. Another stunner from Amazon. Love the chunky look and this one comes in a bunch of different colors!

7. Another sofa with beautiful lines. I can see this one in a more formal sitting room.

8. We got this sofa in one of its sectional iterations (and in off-white linen) and OMG it’s incredible. So comfy and stylish at the same time.

9. Last, but certainly not least, another pretty option from Interior Define. I love the modular look here.

There you have it, folks!

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