etsy shops for home decor / no. 1


Little known fact, I’ve had an Etsy shop for over 10 years. My main gig for the past 15 years has been selling vintage goods on Etsy, mostly leather shoes and bags. Eventually, I transitioned to textiles for the home and opened a shop on a standalone website, but I still manage a small inventory over on my Etsy shop. Etsy was my world for so long, that I know to go there when shopping for unique and stylish home decor that you cannot find anywhere else. Not to mention, it feels damn good to support small businesses where each sale really does make a difference.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to start a series sharing my favorite Etsy shops. Shops that I’ve discovered over the years, as a fellow Etsy shop owner. I’m beginning the series by rounding up my favorite stops for home decor on Etsy, both vintage and new alike. There are so many treasures to be found, I wish I had a second home just to decorate it with everything below! Enjoy. : )


SINDstudio — there are so many great ceramics shops on Etsy, SINDstudio being one of them. They should be your go-to for colorful ceramic pieces, functional art, and playful mugs.


Bespoke Glass Tile and Stained Glass — I LOVE the stained glass offerings of this shop. Some of the designs are so unique and the color combinations are dreamy to say the least.


CreaReDesign — I’ll never look at paper mache the same again. That’s right, folks. These pendants are made of paper mache.


anewall — a company that is extremely popular for large scale wall murals, prints, and tapestries for good reason. They have SO many breathtaking options, many of which make me wish I was designing a nursery or kids room right now, only because they would look particularly good in one.


Yield Design Co. — a company that has a product lineup spanning home decor, kitchen wares, leather goods, and accessories. I’ve had my eye on this french press for quite some time.


IUMIDESIGN — no joke, I love all every. single. one. of the wooden lights offered in this shop.


Loom & Field — not only a gorgeous selection of vintage textiles, but they also design their own line of rugs in partnership with cooperatives of weavers in both Mexico and Morocco. Yes, please.


Magic Linen — Etsy is a gold mine for quality linen goods. This shop has so many vivid hues not often seen in linen bedding, but I have to say that I’m quite partial to the classically neutral situation above.


George and Willy — I’ve always loved this and wish I had a practical use for it in our home. I like the idea of having one of these in the kitchen, in a play room, or used in a cafe.


SHKOON — Moroccan textiles galore. There are many shops for Moroccan rugs and poufs on Etsy (ahem, I’m I own one of them). Still, my favorites are always Morocco-based.


BootsNGus — I have this chandelier linked in my Home Picks shop because I just love it that much! This shop has a bevy of gorgeous lighting fixtures to choose from, including the above.

I’ll stop there for now! I plan to do a deeper dive into specific categories in the future. I might even share my secret resources for the most affordable and delectable rugs on Etsy. ; )


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