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I don’t know about you, but I love my layers when sleeping. I like to snuggle up with a fluffy duvet and piles of cozy throws and sink deep into sleep.

Getting quality sleep is THE best way for me to have a productive day, not to mention I’m just an all-around better person to be around when I’m well-rested. So this holiday season, I’m focusing on gifting with sleep wellness in mind. For me, that starts with bedding since I want to not only feel excited to hop into bed every night but as a snuggly sleeper, I like to know I’ll have enough layers to keep me warm and snug all night long.

 Recently, I got together with a few IG pals that are just as passionate about sleep wellness to do a little gift exchange, and I am SO excited to show you what I got from Kasey over at @sbkliving. All I told her was that I liked layers and soft, comfy, textures and she delivered.

 All of the cozy layers are The Company Store — My bundle included their Luxury Velvet Flannel bedding in Cloud Blue and a few new throws to add extra warmth. One is the Chunky Cable Knit Throw and the other is the Ledge Plaid Merino Wool Blanket. Both are beautifully neutral and oh so cozy. It’s been a few days now with the new bedding and I have LOVED sleeping with the new pieces, especially on an extra cold night. Now, I don’t have to steal the covers quite as often, since I have extra layers to pull over me.

Also sharing some other picks below for those that, like me, that love a comfy and snuggly bed 😴. If you’re still looking for gift ideas or if you want to gift yourself, I think some quality bedding from The Company Store is the perfect place to start.

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