cat products with style


Who else finds it nearly impossible to spot stylish cat products when out and about shopping?!

It can be tough to find cat scratchers, cat towers, AND ESPECIALLY litter boxes, that are not complete and total eyesores. I’ve spent the last few months slowly making a note of stylish cat products that I’ve come across and I have finally compiled them all to share!

The cat products we currently use:

Cat Scratcher — We use this cat scratcher and our cats love it! We have two in the living room near our sofa and one hanging near the kitchen. I really appreciate scratchers that can be hung as well as kept on the ground. We also recently got one of these, and though cardboard scratchers can cause a mess, cats usually LOVE them, especially if they’re large like this.

Litter box — Our cats used to use a Litter Robot and it was life-changing. When you have multiple cats, it’s suggested to use multiple litter boxes, so we had two for the longest time. However, since the Litter Robot self cleans all the time, we kept it to the one. Now, we have two of these large top entry litterboxes. Top entry boxes are the best for keeping litter from getting everywhere.

Cat Bed — Our cats have yet to connect with a cat bed, though we tried with this cute option from Cat Person.

Cat bowls — We use our regular cereal bowls from Year & Day, however, we need to upgrade to bowls that are better for their posture and splatter control (our cats are on a 100% wet food diet).

Scratchers — not all are created equally in the hearts and minds of cats. It’s important to test out different scratchers if your cat doesn’t take to a particular one. Some cats love the carpeted ones, some the cardboard styles. Still, our cats are so wild for the heavily woven styles similar to those linked below, that I think they’re a pretty safe bet.

Cat bowls & cat bowl stations — sure, you can use standard bowls for this (as we do), but I’ve found that the higher off from the ground your bowls are, the more comfortable your cats are able to eat, and the less mess they will make.

Cat beds & perches — cats LOVE to be on high ground and they like to curl up in hidden corners. Still, some kitties just want a comfy spot to curl up in, so i tried to include a little bit of everything here.

Litter Boxes & litter box furniture — oof it’s never easy finding a litter box solution if you want sometime inconspicuous. I managed to find a few fun options for when you’re lacking in room, but don’t want a big litter box taking up precious floor space. I’ve also recently been introduced to litter boxes with entry at the top. Apparently they’re better at controlling the mess around a litter box aka the trail of litter that inevitably follows every visit to the box.

Kitty towers & hammocks — Did i mention cats love to climb and especially like to have a nice high perch to preside over?! They love the security of being off the ground and I don’t blame them. Speaking of which, I’m currently in the market for a window hammock for Kiki.


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