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I’ve never been sold on rugs in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I love how they look, but I always worry about the mess. I worry that I’ll find the rug of my dreams and proceed to RUIN it with too many splatters of pasta sauce. So you can imagine that when I first heard about washable rugs, my interest was peaked. Still, I wasn’t sure how they would stack up, quality-wise.

I’m happy to report that I have since ordered a machine-washable rug from Walmart, and the quality far exceeds my expectations! The quality is top-notch, we can keep it looking new AND it’s stylish. 10/10 recommend. You can see more of my washable rug picks below! There are so many good ones.

While I was perusing the Walmart website, I found a few fun retro pieces for the kitchen that have me excited for decorating for the holidays and creating a cozy little kitchen space. You can find my fav picks here!

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How cute is that wavy wooden board?! They also sell an arch-shaped board which is also very cute.



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