~ the pink sofa ~


We’ve had our pink sofa for a few months now and in those few months, I’ve received countless questions about everything from comfort to quality to durability. To start, the pink sofa is a high-quality reproduction of the Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa. A modular sofa-lovers DREAM.

I asked my audience on Instagram to send their burning questions about the sofa. I narrowed them down to the most frequently asked which I’m answering below!


Is it comfy? 

Before we bought the sofa, I did as much research as possible to see what others were saying about comfortability. I could tell that it wasn’t going to be a sink-into sofa for napping, but I also didn’t want it to be stiff as a board and super uncomfortable. 

I would say that the sofa is on the firm side, but the low & deep seat is still conducive to lounging.  I personally wouldn’t be able to nap on the thing, nor would it be my first choice for a long Netflix binge. However, the seat cushions are cushier than expected, the material is very soft to the touch and the low seat is perfect for a casual lounge. 

Do your cats try and claw it?

They don’t! At first, I thought it was a miracle, but now it’s clear that it has everything to do with the fabric choice. The chenille material is very velvet-like, making it not ideal for cats to claw. The weave is tight and the slight silkiness of the fabric isn’t great for claws to catch. I haven’t seen them even attempt to scratch it. 

Photo Apr 17, 2 36 44 PM (2).jpg

Is it easy to clean?

Again, the fabric has been wonderful for upkeep. It requires its fair share of lint rolling to deal with all of the cat fur it collects, but any spills have come up with a quick dap of a napkin. We haven’t had any major spills (i.e wine or coffee) yet, so I will keep you updated on that front. 

Do the back cushions stay in place? 

Yes! I think about a hundred of the comments under this reel had to do with the cushions and if they stayed in place. The answer is, yes, they stay in place just fine. The cushions and modules all attach via a system of little metal hooks and included carabiners. It’s what makes this particular modular sofa so brilliant. There are countless layout options so you can really customize your Camaleonda depending on your needs. 

Is it worth the investment?

I think it’s all relative, honestly. For us, I’ve seen and loved vintage models of the Camaleonda for years. However, one quick Google search is all that’s required to see how much they go for. Basically, there’s a reason you mostly see them in homes of the rich and famous. Enter Eternity Modern, the only website I could find that offered a replica of the sofa but at a price that was a little more attainable. Still, no one knows your finances as well as you do, and I don’t think anyone should drain their savings for a sofa no matter how pretty it is. 

If you are really into design and want to experience living with the iconic Bellini sofa, then the sofa is definitely worth the investment. It’s a quality piece that is a STUNNER and considering how many decades the original Camaleonda has been iconic, I don’t see it going out of style any time soon. 

How low is it?

It is a little over 26 inches from the base to the top of the back cushions. So yeah, it’s pretty low. That’s kind of the beauty of it though. The low seat keeps it from appearing too pretentious in my opinion. 

How heavy is it?

Its modular design helps to keep it manageable in terms of moving it around. You can remove the back/side cushions so you only have the base to maneuver (I recommend rolling it lol).  I have been able to swap out pieces, move them up and down our staircase, etc…

Would you buy it again?

I would and I hope to purchase additional modules in the future depending on our needs. It really is a beautiful, quality piece that will last for years and years. I love that I can use the modules as chairs or ottomans or a sectional. 

Can you feel the hardware when sitting?

Very rarely and even then only when sitting/laying on it with bare legs. The tufted portion of the base cushions are yes, cushier than I imagined, but still very much firm enough to keep you from sinking into the divets and feeling the hardware. Basically, you have to try to feel them by leaning into the divets with an elbow or your feet. They’re really not an issue. 

Do you wish you had gone for a different color?

I won’t lie to you and say I wasn’t a nervous wreck after placing the order for a pink sofa. I worried it would be too childish or wouldn’t complement the room as well as I had hoped. Still, when I was looking to buy one of these sofas, I noticed that 95% of the tagged photos online, especially on Instagram, were of the sofa in a white boucle or similar light color. Don’t get me wrong, a white boucle Camaleonda is GORGEOUS, but I wanted something a bit more unique. I also love the juxtaposition of the more masculine shape of the sofa paired with a more feminine color choice. Best of all worlds, IMHO. 



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