Creating a sleep sanctuary with Walmart Home


Is anyone else excited to welcome the dropping temperatures and changing seasons? While I don’t love the cold, I do love the coziness that cooler weather can bring. I tend to swap bedding, decorate with warmer hues and generally focus on nesting for the winter. It’s probably no coincidence that my sleep health tends to take a higher spot on my priority list during this transition too. Good sleep hygiene is my favorite form of self-care, y’all.

You might remember that this summer I got some cute bedding I found at Walmart Home ( you can find that post here) and this fall, I’ve partnered with Walmart Home to create a bedroom environment that’s ideal for our sleep wellness. I finally got some Euro pillows and velvet shams, something I’ve been wanting for years now! You can’t see it, but I also purchased a mattress topper since I like a softer mattress situation. Perhaps most importantly though, I upgraded the sound machine I use. As someone with tinnitus (ringing in my ears), a sound machine is an absolute necessity for a good night’s rest. What’s incredible about this one though, is that it includes sounds that help you meditate and relax before bed. Something all of us could benefit from!

I’ve linked all of the new items below as well as some decor finds from Walmart Home that are not to be missed!


Untitled (2).png




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