room plan: our bedroom


We’ve officially been in the new apartment for a month and I have to say, I am THRILLED to have all of the boxes unpacked. I can’t claim that was all me, as David is the ultra-organized one in our household and quite literally will not rest until things are unpacked. I’m beyond thankful though, because it’s allowed us to settle into life here quickly.

It also means I can focus my energies on all the fun stuff, like room makeovers. First up, our bedroom! I’m breaking the makeover into two phases. The first will include painting, swapping light fixtures, and window treatments.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in…

We weren’t sure which of the two bedrooms we wanted to make into our bedroom, but I decided that it would be dreamy to have a fireplace in the bedroom, so that sealed the deal. Plus, turns out it’s the only room where the ceilings are high enough for our pier mirror and I really wanted it in our bedroom this time around. It fits like a glove, right?!

Fast forward to now, and here’s how the bedroom has shaped up over the last month…

I decided, on a whim, to strip the paint from the mantel when I found out there was marble underneath. YES, someone painted over marble! It’s hard to fathom, but at least it was removable. I would still love to find a black summer surround for it or at least give the hearth a deep cleaning, but we’re so happy with how it’s looking so far.

Okay, now on to the bedroom plans + mood board…

When I imagine the bedroom I want here, the above feel comes to mind. Minimal and serene, but still injected with soft color and architectural interest. The cozy, treehouse feel of the room makes me want to (perhaps) experiment with limewash or roman clay paint, but we shall see.

Other updates happening in here very soon include installing these relaxed roman shades and swapping the fan for our antique chandelier. One of our window AC units is installed in the bedroom and since it’s a small room, a fan really isn’t necessary.

First things first though, choosing the paint color! Let me know which color I should choose here!

Phase two of the bedroom updates will bring a few fun IKEA hacks, including a wardrobe hack, so stayed tuned!


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