Cat furniture got cool

Consider the standard cat tree: an unsteady jumble of cast-off wood pushed to whatever corner keeps it out of sight, encouraging neither proximity nor play, covered in uninspiring carpet that knows deeply what it means to be beige.

I have one. I know. I try not to look at it.

But with cats increasingly being seen as members of the family, that ubiquitous beige tower may be on the way out: the cat furniture boom is upon us

Could there be a piece out there that adds to my space instead of dulling it?

The Bean - my aging ball of mischief who still thinks she is six months old – is perched on my lap as I search. She has several conditions for her upgrade: it should match our vibe, promote active play, provide height or cover, and be made of safe materials. 

With that in mind, here are the best finds for some functional, aesthetic unity with your four-legged ride-or-die.

We all know this is the dream.

Large Wall Mounted Cat Shelves, $137.74 on Etsy

I can see it now: we’re bingeing Wednesday again, the Bean is chilling on her sweet set-up behind me, she slowly reaches down – maybe my hair really is a toy this time?

The Faux Side Table

Castillo, $199 at Mau Pets

Unobtrusive, versatile - perfect for your book nook in those few minutes before they sprawl all over the pages you’re trying to read.

The Sculpture/Lookout

The Refined Feline Clouds Cat Shelf, $149.99 at

Is it art? Is it cat perch? Can it be both?

The Evolution of the Cat Tree

Archie & Oscar 43” Lina Cat Tree, $279 at

Cats like to look down on their subjects from on high, and this fluffy branch tower updates the old style into a more worthy throne.  

Plant stand or cat stand?

Boho Cat House, $300 at

Because of my small space, I’m here for anything that does double-duty. Part side table, part plant stand, part cat guard tower – I love it.

MCM but make it small

Instachew Ovo Modern Pet Bed, $49 at

I gasped. It’s so cute! There’s a Mad Men pun in here somewhere. Don Dra-purr?

Do they make this for humans?

Woolygon Wool Cat Cave, $39.99 at

I have no notes. I will put one in each room.

The Honorable Mention:

Cat TV House, $74.99 at

Hear me out: it has storage.

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